Energy is consistently in motion — and fortunately, you get the opportunity to choose the direction. Things being what they are, which will it be? Do you let yourself sink gradually into the quicksands of vulnerability, uncertainty, and fear, just to ensure the unavoidable outcome of your own disappointment? …

A 3-month journey is going to end. I cannot imagine how quickly these 3-month passed. The past three months were the most productive months of my educational life. I learnt lifelong lessons during this time. During Project works, Sessions and Circle meetings Amal taught me the most beautiful lessons of…

Amal Family — Best Family I ever had

Amal family

It was 3 months fellowship and I learn a lot of things in this fellowship. I spent an incredible and unforgivable moments with this beautiful people. …

What is Pomodoro?

Pomodoro is a device like tomato. This device can be used to set a timer

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Technique
“The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that uses a time to break down the work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks and a long…

In Pakistan about 24.3% Pakistani are living below the poverty line. They cannot afford to have 3-time meal a day. They cannot afford to buy good clothes, shoes, and other basic household things. These are the people who lives in slums.
Every one of us has clothes, shoes, and…

Today I lean some Totkay from AMAL.
1. Self-Talk
2. Get out of your comfort zone
3. Create new Habits
4. Ask people help.
5. Fake it until you make it.

These tips are amazing. I need to change my self. I need to boost my confidence of for this…

I am extremely poor at time management and multitasking. I have lack of self-confidence as well. I am not a social person. I am at communication skills. I want to improve myself. That why I made my goals and I have just started working on my goals. I want to…

I was in my study room. I was preparing my exam and working on Amal project work. There was a task that I must observe my surroundings and fix the things that are not fixed.

I observed my study table it was all messed up there. …

Me and my friend were sitting in a park. we were eating some cutlets and talking to each other. meanwhile, a cat came around us. The cat was little bit hungry as she was continuously moving around us. We gave our food to cat. After eating food, the cat came to us and start playing with us. This act of kindness was just pleasure for us.

Mehran Zahid

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