Eat that Frog with Pomodoro

What is Pomodoro?

Pomodoro is a device like tomato. This device can be used to set a timer

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Technique
“The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that uses a time to break down the work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks and a long of 30 minutes break at the end.”

Pomodoro Technique

My Experience

I planned to use this technique to complete my online course on time. I took the following steps. I decided to do my course of Creating a #superhero resume with the help of this technique.

25 Minute timer

I set the time of 25 minutes in my laptop. During this I wrote on notebook about the distractions occurred in between the work. In the first round I got messages of WhatsApp continuously. My phone was the source of distractions for me. I got WhatsApp message after every minute. That why I was unable to focus on my work for twenty-five minutes.

After my first attempt I took rest for 5 minutes and started the activity again. This time I put phone on silent. When I was working my brother called me for some help. I had to go there. When I came 20 minutes passed. I only left with only 5 minutes to work on my online course.

After my second attempt I started again, I put my phone on silent and placed it away from me. This time I completed my 25 minutes without any distraction. In those 25 minutes I focused on my work without any distractions, and I can say that those 25 minutes were more productive than an hour with distractions.

This Experiment was not difficult for me. It helped me to utilize my time productively. Now I realized that what is the role distractions in decreasing our productivity.

This activity helped me to accomplish more in less time. I completed my major chunk of online course in this time. With distractions it would have taken more than an hour that I completed in 25 minutes.

I am planning to do this activity on my daily basis. I really like this activity. As I am in my 8th semester, I have multiple things to do like university assignments, Amal PWs, freelancing and my final year project; that's why I will practice this activity on my daily basis. I am sure this activity will increase my productivity and it will help me to manage time efficiently.

To Improve my experience, I will make a list of my pending work. I will practice this activity by doing most complex tasks so that I can focus on them and complete them in less time. This will really help me to become a multitasker.